From Taiwan to Belgium

That night was still vivid, and it felt just like yesterday.

After 13 hours flight from Taiwan to Amsterdam, I finally stepped in the territory of Europe. Everything in Amsterdam Airport Schiphol was freshly new to me. Instead of feeling tired, I couldn’t wait more but started to explore the brand new world. In my mind, I deeply understood that I was completely alone now and I needed to solve all the problems on my own. The adventure made me so excited but a little bit of nervous!

The transfer took me 6 hours to wait in the airport. To spend the rest of time, I went to McDonald’s and bravely ordered a breakfast set called “Amsterdam”, even though I didn’t really feel hungry. The meal included one croissant and a cup of drink. It’s nothing special but the first meal for me in Europe. (If the meals on the plane were not counted.) During the period, I talked with my sister via Facebook video calling. I couldn’t help telling her how excited I was and forcing her to listen to all the details.

Waiting for the flight to Brussels at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol



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