I decided to go to Germany again because it’s fucking cheap. The flight from Brussels to Berlin cost only €8. ONLY EIGHT EUROS!!!


In the very early morning on 11th of December, I dragged my black box, determinedly, leaving Elix for Brussels Airport when the sky was still dark. I was going to launch another surprising adventure despite the fact that I was alone again. Would I be so lonely like this during the period I stayed in Europe? I checked my iPhone, it was 5h52 in the morning.


Besides, there’s something memorable to mention for this trip: This was the first time I took Ryanair, which would be my frequent transportation in the coming year. The aircraft itself was so pretty in the dark. I couldn’t help but posted a photo on my Instagram. The wind blew smoothly in the air. I was so happy because I was going to visit Berlin.

Less than one hour, the plane landed in Flughafen Berlin-Schönefeld. The word “Flughafen” means “airport” in German. Flughafen Berlin-Schönefeld was an airport mainly for the cheap airlines, especially Ryanair. It was much freezing in Berlin than in Brussels.

The closest metro took me about 15 minutes to walk to. To get to the metro stop, you needed to pass through a long corridor. The corridor was half-opened. If not that fortunately, you might walk in rainy days or freezing air. Following the crowd, I reached the metro stop.

In Berlin, there were U-Bahn and S-Baln, connecting the whole city. U-Bahn ran for urban part in Berlin City whereas S-Bahn ran for suburban part. The colour of U-Bahn cabin was always representative yellow.

Berlin Hauptbahnhof, abbreviated as Hbf, was the central station in Berlin. The station was so spectacular that made me stay there for half of the day. The appearance of Berlin City was astonishing. It’s extremely “German” style due to the fact the city was built in a regular way, whereas the design in Brussels was untidy. The roads went straightly and smoothly toward infinity, and the buildings corresponded with the roads. Everything seemed to work with each other in a harmony direction in front of me after I walked out Berlin Hauptbahnhof.

I strolled across the bridge, enjoying the neat view. Then it came to Reichstag building. The building was an important place for the commission. Nevertheless, I was not permitted to visit inside owing to non-reservation. I kept walking and finally saw the most representative structure in Berlin: Brandenburg Gate.

Starting to feel hungry, I bought a cup of Chinese noodle in U-Bahn station. There was no sitting place in the station but merely some tables for standing-and-eating. It’s still difficult for me to go inside a restaurant and had a meal comfortably. I just felt unease to seat alone inside a restaurant.

By this time, I had already finished my dinner. Next stop would be the hostel. I sit in the station, waiting for the crowd to be gone. Then I put my iPhone on the chair and started to take several photos of myself. Pretending to be a model, I tried many times to stroll in the platform. It’s really ridiculous I understood, but I just wanted to do it. So people gets crazy when they are lonely.

I didn’t stay in the hostel for too long. One hour later, I was heading to the Christmas Market. The scene in the market revealed my solitude again after I saw a lot of couples, families with naughty children, and some groups of friends. I watched the colourful light and deeply hope next time I wouldn’t be alone. The night was pretty atmospheric, so beautiful. An idea pumped up to my mind. 30 minutes later, I was at Brandenburg Gate again, with my selfie stick.

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